HSE Test 

(High School Equivalency)

The new high school equivalency test!

Donna Metz, HSE Coordinator

Brianna Wimbish, TASC Examiner

HSE Testing Dates


(Must be taken prior to taking the official test)

Call to pre-register at 304-363-7323


HSE Test Dates

(Must be pre-registered)

Test Start Time: 8:00am

2020-2021 HSE Test Dates

September 22 (Option)

September 24

October 13 (Option)

October 22

November 10 (Option)

November 19

December 8 (Option)

December 17

January 12 (Option)

January 21

February 9 (Option)

February 18

March 9 (Option)

March 18

April 13 (Option)

April 22

May 10 (Option)

May 20

June 8 (Option)

June 10

Testing Day Tips

Tips for Testing Day

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before your test

  • Eat breakfast

  • Double check your transportation and plan to arrive at the Testing Center about 15 minutes early

What to Bring

Make sure you bring valid photo identification with your current name and address, birth date, and preferably a Social Security number. Only the following are accepted:

  • A valid driver's license

  • A valid Department of Motor Vehicles picture identification

  • A valid passport

  • An institutional identification while a resident of the facility (i.e. Job Corps, correctional institution, etc.)

  • Mountaineer Challenge Academy (MCA) cadets may use the MCA ID during the post-residential phase of the program by providing document of their status with MCA. 

The examiner has the authority to require additional identification for positive verification.

What Not to Bring

  • During the test, you cannot keep the following items at your seat:

    • Purses or tote bags​

    • Pagers or cell phones

    • Portable music players

    • Hand-held electronic games

    • Food items

    • Textbooks (including dictionaries)

    • Notebooks or supplies

    • Jackets, coats or hats

    • Other nonessential items

  • If you do bring these things to the testing room, you will be able to store them at a specified area within viewing distance. For security sake, leave your valuables at home. 

For more information, go to the West Virginia Department of Education - TASC